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Literacy Is Power

Cover art created by Peter Slattery

Literacy Is Power, a book by Cassandra Lewis Slattery, is now available for purchase.

Literacy Is Power is for everyone, beginners and experienced teachers, who want to take action against low literacy.

Literacy Is Power offers everything you need to start your own teen and adult literacy program or volunteer as a literacy instructor. If you can read this sentence, you can become a literacy leader.

• 50 activities in reading, writing, health, numeracy, and digital literacy
• Seven Steps To A Successful Literacy Session
• Conduct literacy triage and create a learner-centered curriculum
• Fundraising leads and how to write grant proposals
• A portion of the proceeds will be donated to promoting literacy and fighting poverty

Literacy Is Power is an essential tool for everyone wanting to halt the devastation impacting families and children and parents in America. Reading is as important and vital as shelter and food and heat—it’s a must read.”
Jimmy Santiago Baca, author of A Glass of Water

Literacy is Power is an important book about a crucial issue for our democracy: how to eliminate the problem of illiteracy that affects well over a quarter of the American population and is a major contributor to its high poverty rate. This book offers a thoughtful, practical guide to those of us who are teaching or want to teach literacy, blending sound teaching methods and useful anecdotes with an admirable touch of passion. It is not only an excellent read; it is a must read.”
Pablo Eisenberg, author of Challenges for Nonprofits and Philanthropy: The Courage to Change

“Slattery’s book is a fascinating read, full of stories and insights. Addressing our literacy culture, it sends a powerful message to society.   And after reading, you will truly understand why education is about the learners and cherishing their voices.”  –Nikhil Goyal, 17-Year-Old Author of One Size Does Not Fit All

“Before I began Cassie’s literacy program, I couldn’t read this sentence. Now I am able to help my son with his homework.” –E.C.

“Cassie’s literary strategy helped me improve my reading skills by two grade levels in only four months. I am now employed and eager to continue learning.” –L.V.

About the Author
Cassandra Lewis Slattery created and launched a literacy program at an organization that serves homeless adults in New York City. Her program was the only one of its kind, where clients were tested upon entry and all clients who read beneath a 6th grade reading level were provided with one-on-one literacy instruction. During her tenure as Director of Education the program yielded a 100% success rate.  All of her clients who started on a first grade reading level or higher and completed six literacy sessions improved by an average of 1.5 grade levels. Clients who started beneath a first grade reading level required additional literacy sessions.

She has perfected her literacy teaching strategy through her work with maximum-security inmates, high risk teens, and homeless adults. Her strategy for success is revealed in this book.

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